3.5-183 9 years ago Merge branch 'linux-wiimote-crash-fix'
3.5-178 9 years ago Very tiny cleanup of ChunkFile.h.
3.5-177 9 years ago Automatically set focus on game list window.
3.5-176 9 years ago Game ini updates for de Blob.
3.5-175 9 years ago Retain scroll position after refreshing game list.
3.5-174 9 years ago Disable the OpenAL and Pulseaudio audio backends
3.5-173 9 years ago FifoPlayer: Support recording texture preloads
3.5-172 9 years ago VideoCommon: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.
3.5-171 9 years ago Video_Software: Implement proper RGBA8 texture loading from tmem.
3.5-170 9 years ago Fixed the random static audio that would sometimes occur in DSP HLE and DSP LLE.
3.5-169 9 years ago Change theme selection to wxChoice.
3.5-168 9 years ago Merge branch 'controller-profiles'
3.5-163 9 years ago Resize the KDE theme's "Open" icon from 24x24px to 22x22px to match the rest of the icons.
3.5-162 9 years ago Don't hardcode left-shift to disabe keyboard input on linux. Left-shift can be used for gamepad input now. Fixes issue 4968.
3.5-161 9 years ago Display error messages when failing to compress/decompress games. Fixes issue 4681.
3.5-160 9 years ago Actually export 0-sized files. Fixes issue 5177.
3.5-159 9 years ago Fix an issue where an iterator would become invalidated in TextureCache::ClearRenderTargets()
3.5-158 9 years ago Fix a currently unused unique_lock function. Thanks to Lioncash.
3.5-157 9 years ago Fix incorrect iterator usage in BreakPoints::Clear
3.5-156 9 years ago Merge branch 'master' of https://code.google.com/p/dolphin-emu