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Tony Wasserka
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Don't prepend file:// in wxUtils::Explore() on windows. Wxw will just remove it, and/or blow up trying to remove it, if the path isn't ascii.

This fixes issue 6721.
(cherry picked from commit cc05f66ba1a0c4641b4dc19b77b252470d346350)

Fix unicode support for File::Rename() on windows.

Partial fix of issue 6721.

(cherry picked from commit 99c89ae10961f84192cdbfc501b4ff45a559dcd1)

Missed a accept error handler.
Init instead of memset.

(cherry picked from commit 935ed814eaff19094c96fdd38642b980e85c078f)

Fix accept() bug, which was using the wrong isRW for error conversion.
Also fixed a debug issue where local_name is used uninitialised.

(cherry picked from commit f811dbb57516b6f3a34637bd1c8c8299ceea20e4)

Only add real HID devices to HID list.

(cherry picked from commit e805bf60685bb5f4bd5ac1bf0a290519a678e5b4)

Add dxsdk_dir to vc++ paths via base.props. This means you no longer need the paths in a global property sheet. In fact if you have them in such a file, you should remove them as it will cause conflicts with the vs2013 build.

(cherry picked from commit 0791a9ef80889ffb70c67fbd6491635b0014747b)